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Carmen doesn't disappoint!

Jan and Family at BLO's CarmenAs you may or may not know, Music and the Arts play a very important part in my life…and the life of my family.  You can read more about my interest in music on my bio page.  Friday night, I was excited to see Boston Lyric Opera’s controversial production of Georges Bizet’s Carmen.  We certainly weren’t disappointed.  Jennifer Johnson Cano was wonderful and has a beautiful voice…the type of voice you need to stage this opera.
It certainly didn’t lack in controversial elements.  The costuming, sets, and ambience were all updated and really provided a different perspective for this well-worn opera.  All in all, a very enjoyable night…and my family and I even managed to get a nice photo from the occasion…

Hyde Park Main Streets

Hyde Park Mean Streets LogoSaturday evening, Ben DiScipio and I enjoyed ourselves at the Hyde Park Main Streets 2016 Sock Hop, accompanied by our lovely wives!  It was nice to see Mayor Walsh and Councilman Tim McCarthy and the wonderful people of Hyde Park.  There was a great band and lots of dancing…some wonderful food…tables of fun items to bid on and the live auction.
We were lucky enough to win a few items, danced and enjoyed ourselves…  Looking forward to meeting more of the people from Hyde Park in the coming months as we explore some of the ways that we can become a part of the neighborhood surrounding our 1725 Hyde Park Ave project.
We look forward to being a positive part of this vibrant community!

Bowdoin Church Meeting


Well, this evening, we had a meeting with neighbors of our Bowdoin Church project to explain what we want to do with the existing back door and possible handicap access.  The meeting went well.  People were very friendly and came prepared with valid concerns.  I hope that our explanation helped to ease their concerns.  We're very much looking forward to the development of this project.  It holds great promise for the neighborhood....

Blog Launch

This space will be used for blog entries by our Owner and CEO, Jan Steenbrugge.  The subject could range from the real estate market in Boston to the music and arts scene in Boston, nationally, or worldwide.


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